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                Bible Church Mission - website:
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                Northwest Independent Church Extension - website:

        Church Planting Resources List - The inclusion of these resources is not an endorsement but rather a         provision of "tools" for reading concerning the great task of church planting.

        Arment, Ben; Church In The Making, B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN
        Chaney, Charles L.; Church Planting at the End of the Twentieth Century,
        Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, IL
        Hesselgrave, David J.; Planting Churches Cross-CUlturally, Baker Publishing Group Grand Rapids, MI
        Jones, Ezra Earl; Strategies for New Churches, Harper & Row, San Francisco, CA
        Malphurs, Aubrey; Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century, Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI
        Malphurs, Aubrey; Vision America: A Strategy For Reaching a Nation, Baker Books Grand Rapids, MI        
        Mannoia, Kevin W.; Church Planting: The Next Generation, Light and Life Press, Indianapolis, IN
        McNamara, Roger N.; A Practical Guide to Church Planting, Baptist Mid-Missions, Cleveland, OH
        McNamara, Roger N. and Davis, Ken; The YBH (Yes, But How) Handbook of Church Planting,
        Xulon Press
        Murray, Stuart; Church Planting: Laying Foundations, Herald Press, Scottdale, PA
        Redford, Jack; Planting New Churches, Broadman Press, Nashville, TN
        Steffen, Tom A.; Passing the Baton: Church Planting That Empowers, Center for Organizational and         Ministry Development, La Habra, CO
        Stetzer, Ed and Bird, Warren; Viral Churches: Helping Church Planters Become Movement Makers,         Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA
        Stetzer, Ed; Planting Missional Churches, B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN
        Wagner, C. Peter; Church Planting for a Greater Harvest, Regal Books, Ventura, CA

        Some Church Planting Websites with helpful resources:


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