‘Stayin Alive’

I am writing today from the waiting room at the Sky Ridge MedicalCenter in Lone Tree, Colorado. Nancy is down the hall from megetting a new right knee, compliments of Dr. Xenos, Medicare, andthe provision of our Lord.* Nancy and I reminisce sometimes how, ifwe had lived just 80-100 years earlier, we would probably both […]

God’s Kingdom Cannot Be Shaken

As we all long for eternity with Christ, we watch in horror the things now unfolding on earth before us. What makes the conflict in Ukraine so real and personal is the immediate access to images and events through broadcast and internet media. Twentieth-century world wars, the U.S. Civil War, and the countless regional wars […]

Contending for the Faith

I’ve always loved and appreciated the simple truth of this short epistle written by Jesus’ half-brother, Jude. It appears right at the end of the New Testament before John’s book of Revelation. Jude set out to encourage the brethren in the faith, but suddenly felt compelled to warn them about false teachers, those who were […]